Our first appointment at the Jones Institute

Yesterday was our first appointment with Dr. Laurel Stadtmauer of the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine. Autumn and my mom were there for love and support. It went really well. They went through all my history regarding my past infertility and my three miscarriages and then went through my options and explained everything. Then she even did an ultrasound and said everything looks great. Luckily I was day 2 of my cycle so I got to do the “day2/3” testing so I didn’t have to make another trip.

Next month I am going to do the prenatal workup and a thrombophyllia panel (which is a test to see if clotting was a factor in my previous miscarriages) and then get a prescription for femdrol (sp?) which is a newer fertility drug which has only a 6% chance of multiples compared to the high risk of multiples if I used clomid. We are going to try an IUI using this fertility drug first and see what happens. I go on the drug at a certain day of my cycle (she will go over with me at my next appointment), then I will go in for an ultrasound between days 11 and 15 to check my follicles to see how big they are and then she said she would give me an injection and a few days later see if I am ovulating and then go in for the actual IUI.

There is so much for us to think about though, especially since we are going to choose a donor. They have a cryo lab that is affiliated with the Jones Institute but its relatively small and the donors are local so no pictures are given out and there is no way for the child to be able to contact the donor if he or she chooses when they are 18 years old. After I get my prenatal testing done I will be able to choose which donor best fits and then go from there regarding hair color, eye color, background, and what not. This option is much cheaper and we only pay for sperm used. We could also go through a bigger sperm bank like Fairfax Cryo Bank, New England Cryogenic Center or California Cryo Bank, but they are much more expensive and we would have to have it shipped and whether we use it or not, we still have to pay for it. But at the same time, we could have more options like choosing a donor who is open to meeting the child when they are 18 if they should choose to and getting to see pictures and hear what they sound like before we pick them. Beginning to even think about getting pregnant with a donor I was just concerned with medical things like what was their family medical history and if they have any genetic issues. But now we need to decide whether or not our child gets to know her biological father if he/she chooses to. I wouldn’t want him/her to be upset with us if we decided to go the “cheaper route.” It’s a lot to think about and discuss with Autumn. One of the challenges of being a lesbian couple deciding to become parents.

Overall we are excited and we really want to go through this process soon. Maybe starting in December or January with our first IUI. The doctor didn’t tell me I had to lose weight (My blood pressure and everything was perfect as always) but I really want to lose like 20 lbs. before getting pregnant. I want to be healthy and my baby to be healthy and really want that pretty little baby bump. My fear is that I will just look really fat and people won’t be able to tell I’m pregnant. I want the whole experience and I have seen bigger women get “pitied” or looked bad upon because they are overweight. I have never treated anyone like that but it is out there. But trust, if someone wants to scold me or look at me the wrong way because I’m overweight and decided to have a baby, will have to deal with my wrath. Just saying lol.

Anyways that is all for now. I will keep everyone posted on our journey to becoming mommies!

xoxo Nicole


Getting excited about Monday….

TGIF!!! I am so excited about our appointment with the Jones Institute on Monday that I can’t contain myself! Lol. Yesterday, I had lunch with my boss and told her about my plans and luckily she seems ok with it. I told her I really want to be a mom (after all I am almost 31 years old) I am the only Paralegal in a sole practitioner family law office so I know she is probably going to worry about me being gone for appointments, then maternity leave and then daycare… which are things I have already thought about. I am supposed to talk to my aunt on Monday about working something out with part-time babysitting since she has a flexible schedule, loves babies and she watched my cousin’s babies for the first few years of their lives. Between her, my mom, my cousins and Autumn’s ability to switch her schedule, we will make it work. I really don’t want to leave my baby with strangers. In a dream world, I would love to stay home the first few years of their life and be a stay-at-home mom, but I got to work and provide for us.

I’m not really sure what this appointment is going to entail, whether it just be a sit down consult or if she is going to examine me. This whole thing is very exciting but I am also very nervous and anxious about.

Luckily I have Autumn who is so laid back and goes with the flow…unlike me who worries and stresses about everything! She kinda balances me out. Lol.

Well just wanted to blog a little before my busy day starts. I will let you know what happens on Monday! xoxo Nicole


Hi. I am Nicole and I am a Pinterest Addict. That is where I found a blog about another lesbian couple and their journey to start their family. I thought, what a wonderful idea to journal this venture. The ups and downs and everything in between. The blog is called “B’s and Babies” and its super cute and Iget so excited reading about their pregnancy with twins, but also read about their many IUIs and miscarriages.

So, today, Thursday, October 16, 2014, is the day I start documenting our journey. It will probably be mostly me blogging, but I hope that Autumn will join me in sharing her thoughts and comments about our venture.

Step One: Doctor Appointment.

I have scheduled our first appointment with the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine, with Dr. Laurel A. Stadtmauer for Monday, October 27, 2014. I have received the “book” of paperwork to fill out and have already filled it out. (Yup I am very anxious) It is now completed and waiting in my purse until the day. Hopefully it will be very informative and I will be comfortable with her. (I have a history of infertility and miscarriages from my previous marriage. I will go into that story in a future blog.)

We are very excited to start this process! Til next time, xoxo Nicole


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